Welcome to the homepage of HERTZBERG CONSULTING

The only constant is change and that is true for the hospitality industry as for any other industry today. Over the years everything has changed, room sizes, their design, the services provided and that most often due to the only one reason, which should drive this industry, more than any other, the passion to exceed the guests expectations.

We are a boutique consultancy with a passion for the fundamentals that drive the success in hospitality, the guest, their expectations and their experience.

Our broad network and global experience offer small and medium sized hospitality operations the know-how and solutions normally reserved to multinational multimillion operations.

Where we’re heading

The landscape of the hotel industry is changing. As our society shifts and the rift between those of great resources and those who increasingly look to stretch their budgets the majority of potential for future hotel developments has to align to the requirements of either segment.

An increasing trend towards the 5‐star luxury segment on one hand, and the growing appeal of the individually designed elementary hotel.

The success of these hotel typologies in urban areas is based on a move to simple yet clearly defined concepts, combined with quality elements, materials, and furniture with spaces that stimulate activity, group interaction, and a sense of community. It’s the originality of the surroundings and the uniqueness of the experience that create an authentic concept.